Wildlife Photographer

Lorraine BENNERY

My passion

I always was passionate by nature. I like to discover new horizons, and watch wild animals living their lives in their natural environment. Following this passion, I decided to learn photography, so I became a natural photographer.


My carreer

What’s better than immortalize our surroundings with photography? I have a BTS (French degree) in Nature Protection and Environment. I always liked nature, animals and wildlife. I first focused on little species and ones that don’t get a lot of attention, like flowers and spiders. Today, I wish to share my love for nature with a lot of people, in order to make them know the universe we all live in. These are the reasons I became a wildlife photographer.

My goal : to transmit

My goal today is to share my passion for nature and photography. That’s why I offer photography classes. If you want more information on organizing or prices, feel free to contact me by phone. If you want to learn photography, and more especially wildlife photography, the best way is to practice on the field!

petite faune
lorraine bennery

My Work

You can also come with me to take a photography class in unusual countries, to discover the real job of a wildlife photographer. It’s a fantastic way to observe some exotic animals. My next trip is planned to be in Kenya, to discover lions, hippos, birds and much more! Feel free to check out my wildlife photograph work in my photo gallery (small fauna, big fauna, landscapes and flora). I also share my pictures on social media, don’t hesitate to follow me on Facebook!

My projects

My passion is also to share my experience and to advise you the best I can. This is why I decided to write books, in which you can find lot of my photos, divided according to the region of the world they were shot.