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Grèce, Les orchidées de Rhodes

Grèce, Les orchidées de Rhodes

Comment photographier les orchidées de l’Aveyron ?

Comment photographier les orchidées de l’Aveyron ?

Macro-photo dans l’Aveyron

Macro-photo dans l’Aveyron




Between the Seine river and Forest, the biodiversity of Soisy-sur-Seine

Birds, mammals, insects, reptiles, amphibians, plants, all of them can be found there! This small communal territory landlocked in a particularly dense urban network of the south-east of the Parisian suburbs has a beautiful diversity.

The municipality of Soisy-sur-Seine has long been committed to preserving its natural heritage as much as possible. This has paid off, because here the tawny owl still flies over at night above the house that bears its name, the alyte sings his love to anyone who wants to hear it and the frail wild tulip thrives quietly in the light undergrowth of the Chèvrevières park. It must be said that the territory is conducive to diversity on the banks of the Seine, its many communal and private parks and its vast area in the forest of Sénart.

A great cohabitation success highlighted in 2012 by a numbered report produced by the Alizéa design office.

This book, first opus of the collection "Commune nature", has for main objective to inform, then to involve, each inhabitant with the protection and maybe even the development of the fauna and the flora which surround us. Protection and respect can only come with knowledge, so let's all learn to observe the beauty around us.

  – collection « Commune Nature » – September 2014 – 72 pages – 22 x 24 cm – 65 photographs

ISBN : 978-2-9535343-4-4

 Price: 21€90

Loiret, little Loire river from the Centre Region of France

When we talk about the Loiret, the French most often think about the French department with the same name. There is however another Loiret, the one who actually gave its name, in 1790, to the administrative area, the department that we know. This small river, though only 13 kilometres long (8 miles), has very exciting features. Located in the great loop of the Loire River, the Loiret, resurgence of the great river has its main sources in the Bouillon and the Abîme rivers, in the heart of the natural park of Orleans; it then crosses the charming city of Olivet which contributes to its fame. – collection « Regard naturaliste sur... » – September 2011 – 160 pages – 21 x 28 cm – 160 photographs   Price : 39€90 ISBN : 978-2-9535343-1-3

Beautiful and Wild – French Orchids

Far from being a new identification guide or an atlas, this book, of great photographic quality, presents many species of orchids without seeking completeness. Covering the protection of the environments and species, some issues on delicate taxa, pollination and its actors among other themes, this book is designed to introduce novices to their discovery while immersing enthusiasts in the most current scientific reflections. An invitation to contemplation of the colourful universe that surrounds us.   – collection « Clin d'œil nature » – April 2013 – 120 pages – 22 x 24 cm – 160 photographs covering 100 different species   Price : 27€90 ISBN : 978-2-9535343-3-7

Durance, between Alps and Provence

Without being a hydrological exception, the Durance, river of the Provence-AlpsCôte d'Azur region, cultivates many originalities that geographers and naturalists unanimously recognise. From its source at the gates of Italy, at more than 2500 meters of altitude (8200 feet), until its confluence with the Rhone, close to Avignon, it is 304 kilometres long (190 miles) with a difference in level which makes it one of the fastest rivers in France. – collection « Regard naturaliste sur... » – November 2009 – 144 pages – 21 x 28 cm – 150 photographs. PALMARES PASSY MOUNTAIN BOOK FAIR 6 - 7 - 8 AUGUST 2010 MONT BLANC COUNTRY AWARDS - Special Mention: Beau Livre Category   ISBN : 978-2-9535343-0-6

Kama-Sutra of Little Creatures

An ode to "Mother Nature" and her insatiable and perpetual desire for life.

Threesomes, swinging, polygamy ... And you think we are the only ones to "be creative" in the realm of making love? Not only are insects active in that field, they do not hesitate a moment to indulge in these libertine practices in the open, without fear of being photographed in action!

Insects and other little creatures have nothing to envy us.

Did you know that cantharides stay in mating position sometimes for more than 12 hours in a row? Or that some males make small gifts to their cherished ones while others use Middle Age techniques of putting them a chastity belt? Did you know that the sex of a fly is eight millimetres long? Have you ever seen bugs run the hundred meters while copulating? All the answers and more are waiting for you in this book.

This is the perfect gift for your friend who's celebrating his or her birthday, a super girlfriend a bit prude who will love the concept, a son in his 30s to whom you want to say ... "When will I be a grandma?" a wedding or a housewarming party!

Is it hard to find an original gift that will not only make the person you give it to laugh but also the rest of the assembly.

Look no further, Lorraine Bennery, naturalist photographer, offers here condensed love to share without moderation! Ancestral theme, small relevant texts, high quality photographs, small drawings and let the magic operate!

– collection « Clin d'œil nature » – September 2015 – 120 pages – 22 x 24 cm – 120 photographs

 ISBN : 978-2-9535343-5-1

Simply Butterflies

NEW With its high quality photographs and precise and simple explanations, this book is aimed at anyone who has ever wanted to learn to find, recognise, understand then photograph butterflies in their natural habitat. This photographic work which took place over a number of years, captures all the stages of the life of Lepidoptera. It includes many behaviours, always photographed in the wild and without ever capturing a single butterfly. Simply butterflies ! – collection « Clin d'œil nature » – September 2017 – 156 pages – 22 x 24 cm – 225 photographs covering more than 160 species   Price : 34€90 ISBN : 978-2-9535343-6-8